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Some of our most recent customer's thoughts...

"I would like to take a moment to brag. Two years ago, I was fortune enough to take the deer of a lifetime. It was an 11-point buck that had been staying in the area that I had hunted for several years. It was mid-morning and windy. I had just walked into a fallen tree-top to take a breather. I hadn't been there for more than 5 minutes when this buck came into the area. As with any hunter, the adrenaline kicked-in and I began to shake. I took careful aim and took what has been a trophy of a lifetime for me. With much excitement, I showed my family and friends and then placed a call to Rob at RS Taxidermy. After speaking with Rob, I was able to take my buck straight to him and the process began. In less than a month, Rob called letting me know that my prize was complete and I could pick it up. RS Taxidermy was fast and preserved the memory of a lifetime. I have recommended RS Taxidermy to several hunters and will continue to praise their excellent work." - Vince A.

Vince A.

"My Dad took me hunting in 2016 for my first buck. I heard about RS Taxidermy from family and friends. After contacting them, the process was smooth and quick. I can't believe the amazing work they did. I would recommend RS Taxidermy to anyone who wants to capture their memory for a lifetime." - Emily M.

Emily M

"RS Taxidermy does quality work - fast! They did a great job... would recommend them to anyone!" - George S.

George S