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Taxidermy Mounts Captures Your Memory Forever...

Examples of Taxidermied Mounts:

European Mount - When considering different mammal mounts, a European Mount includes a cleaned skull and (if applicable) antlers. In some cases, the use of a plaque or no plaque is an option.

Shoulder Mount - begins with a good fleshing and tanning. The ideal trophy pose depends on one's personal preference. Selections can include a slight head tilt left or right to a very lifelike shoulder licking or eating.

Lifesize Mount - is another options for taxidermy. Again, like other mounts, these trophies can include a plaque or no plaque, depending on the setting. Lifesize Taxidermy Mounts can capture almost any true-to-life representation of Nature's surroundings.

In-Flight or Perched - Two common displays are among the favorites when displaying Birds. In either case, RS Taxidermy specializes in capturing true-to-life characteristics you'll enjoy displaying!

Open or Closed Mouth - When displaying a prized Fish, a choice between open or closed mouth are among the most popular options.

A professionally mounted piece from RS Taxidermy will last for many generations if good care is taken of it.

RS Taxidermy

RS Taxidermy

RS Taxidermy